Hardtail Bikes

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Welcome hardcore trail rippers and weekend woosiers alike to our extensive selection of pre-owned hardtail mountain bikes! Avoid the pains of new bike depreciation by tapping into our curated fleet of lightly-used steeds from fellow riders. Cop recently-serviced whips with modern geometry and quality components for a fraction of the price. Whether you seek all-day XC machines, lightweight race rockets or budget shredders for hitting jumps and singletrack, we’ve got you covered. Extend precious bikes’ lifespans by purchasing pre-loved rides ready to be flogged on local trails at widths from xc to enduro. Boost your stoke without blowing budgets this season by harnessing the passion of our mountain bike marketplace – browse our trusted inventory now and keep the trail vibes rolling!

Popular Second Hand Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Advantages of Second Hand Hardtail Mountain Bikes


Purchasing pre-owned presents massive savings over buying new – take advantage of initial depreciation and let someone else absorb the financial hit. Well-maintained second hand bikes boast premium wheelsets, suspensions and components without blowing budgets. For frugal riders or those entering sport, used models stretch dollars further, whether you seek an XC marathon machine or an aggressive trail slayer.

Entry-Level Accessibility:

The world of mountain bikes can be intimidating for new riders – used hardtails eliminate barriers keeping riders from the trails. Scoring a quality starter bike helps newcomers dip their toes affordably to explore singletrack adventure and progression at their own pace. Shimano Altus and Deore builds work admirably for getting acquainted with roots and rock gardens before eventually upgrading later as skills advance.

Customisation Opportunities:

Many pre-owned rigs already boast upgrades. Tailor fit and handling via new stems, bars and wheelsets to match evolving preferences and trails. Experiment with wider or grippier tires to increase technical prowess. Used platforms offer customisation flexibility impossible for entry-level bikes, providing solid bases to transform into dream whips over time.

Key Features to Look for in Second Hand Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Frame Materials and Construction:

Hardtail frames come in a variety of materials – aluminium provides affordable strength perfect for entry level riders. High end race-ready carbon and titanium frames save weight but sacrifice durability and value. However, steel, whether chromoly or high-tensile steel, offers an optimal blend of snappy power transfer, trail compliance, stiffness and sturdiness for aggressive trail usage.

Suspension Forks:

Look for quality air-sprung forks from leading brands like RockShox, Fox or X-Fusion with adequate travel – 120-140mm suits moderate trails while 160mm caters towards aggressive riding. Ensure they have rebound/compression adjustability and operate smoothly by checking stanchions for damage. The fork plays a critical role in combating trail chatter to maintain control.

Braking Systems:

Hydraulic disc brakes provide amazing stopping power in all weather, perfect for narrow singletrack. Go for four-piston varieties for aggressive downhill-focused builds or lighter two-pistons to balance weight and performance for cross country, all mountain or trail. Additionally, opt for large rotors for increased power and heat dissipation.

Wheel Size Considerations:

29” wheels roll over obstacles easier while 27.5” diameters provide nimble handling. Additionally, 27.5+ and 29+ widths boost traction and float for aggressive setups. Consider wheel size in relation to the trails you will tackle most.

Our Second Hand Hardtails showcase everything needed to tap into off-road excitement at wallet-friendly prices – whether bombing downhill, exploring backcountry singletrack or kicking up dirt on weekday jaunts. Through our peer-to-peer marketplace, discover your fresh trail companion complete with the latest geometries, components and frame technologies minus painful new bike depreciation. Extend precious bikes’ usable lifespans while benefiting your own wallet and Mother Nature in the process – embrace affordable and sustainable adventure via second-hand MTBs purpose-built for you. Now get to browsing our vast inventory of pre-loved whips ready to be flogged on local trails at riding paces from casual to blistering! We can’t wait to see what pre-tested ride ignites your solo shred sessions, post-work wind downs and weekend crew runs this season.